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University of Turku is a multidisciplinary scientific university. Expertise of seven faculties ranges from humanities to natural sciences and business. UTU is recognised for the quality of teaching, research and excellent student support services. It emphasizes meaning of lifelong learning and societal interaction and promotes projects tackling challenges like commercialization of university expertise and working life approach of studies. With 21 000 students and 3 500 employees it is one of the major universities in Finland. The responsible unit is the Brahea Centre for Training and Development. It has 80 employees, 12 000 adult students. The Centre is the expert organisation of lifelong learning bridging scientific research and practical life for professional and human growth. The Centre offers academic adult education and promotes personal, organisational and regional development. Website.
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Päivi Hakala

Ms. Päivi Hakala works as a Project Secretary in the Brahea Centre at the University of Turku. She has years of experience on financial management and administrative processes in EU-funded projects. She is familiar with the all relevant IT applications and internal processes used in the University of Turku confirming the fluent reporting procedure during the project implementation.

Timo Halttunen

Timo Halttunen works as a Head of Unit of the Brahea Centre at the University of Turku and an expert in lifelong learning and development of education and curricula. In addition, his professional competencies relate to the development of RPL (recognition of prior learning) and Bologna process and during the various national and international projects he has established relationships to experts and authorities in professional and higher education in Finland and Europe. These are especially important when thinking the wider influence and continuation of the project results. Mr. Halttunen has been consulting educational organisations, companies and non-governmental organisations.

Tero Keva

 Tero Keva works as a project manager  in Brahea Centre. His main expertise covers the assessment tools and processes on the recognition of prior learning and curricula development. He is a co-author in the RPL handbook “Recognise the Competence – Recommendations to planning and executing RPL process in HEIs” (published in Finnish). In addition, he has experience in international development projects, universities and regional actors’ co-operation, structural change in the system of higher education and strategy work.

Sample of Article:
University-Business Cooperation and Regional Development in Southwest Finland (Ari Koski and Tero Keva) University-Business Cooperation Tallinn2011, BWV, BERLINER WISSENSCHAFTSVERLAG

Satu Hakanurmi
Ms. Satu Hakanurmi works as a Head of Development  at Open University/ University of Turku. Ms. Hakanurmi has over 20 year experience in adult education and flexible learning. Her main fields of expertise are online learning, open university studies and digital storytelling. Ms. Hakanurmi has long experience also in project administration and evaluation. She has worked with numerous education-, development- and European Union –projects both at national and at international level. Her publications deal course design, implementation and tutoring of online learning (Suominen, R. & Nurmela, S. Verkko-opettaja. 2011, 2013 and Suominen, R. & Nurmela, S. Become an eTeacher in a Week 2008). Hakanurmi is a PhD student in Faculty of Education and theme of the research is Digital storytelling and Narratives in Learning.